Yamaha EF2400iSHC Portable Inverter Generator Review

In our Yamaha EF2400iSHC Portable Inverter Generator Review we gave it a top score of 98/100. Yamaha inverter generators are usually compared with the generators of Honda. The two brands both perform well but the competition lies on the price, noise level, physical features and power capacity. Yamaha EF2400iSHC seems to be a bit expensive looking at its price tag but the overall performance and physical features of this powerful generator far outweigh the money you spend for the purchase.

Yamaha EF2400iSHC outshines other generators with its impressive power capacity

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Power Emission and Noise Level

This particular Yamaha model provides as much as 20 amps of AC current at its maximum capability. The rated AC current is at 16 amps. There’s everything to boast about the impressive AC output of Yamaha 2400 because it can produce 2000 to 2400 watts. This high current can power up a freezer compressor and other electric motors with higher frequency requirements. Unlike other low-end generators, Yamaha 2400 can run your refrigerator and A/C at the same time.

You might think that hardworking generators produce an annoying noise that becomes intolerable especially when you turn them up at the highest power level. But Yamaha 2400 only creates 58 decibel at 2000 watts. The sound can even go as low as 53 decibel when performing on a lower power level.

Physical Features and Control Placing

The physique of Yamaha 2400 is designed to stand all sorts of weather. If you decide to bring it on a camping trip during the summer season, you can feel secured. It can also serve you on rainy days or even on winter because the outside case of this inverter generator is housed in aluminum. Other generators like those under the Honda brand are sealed only in plastic, making it more susceptible to damage under extreme weather conditions.

The controls of Yamaha 2400 are conveniently positioned on one side of the device. Even the fuel gauge is on the same side so you can easily check if the unit needs fuel refill. Compared to Yamaha, the controls of other generators are scattered in the different sides of the device, making it less convenient to press the buttons.


The continuous, uninterrupted operation of Yamaha 2400 is pegged at 8.6 hours for a ¼ load. But some tests conducted on the device reveal that this inverter generator can last up to 10 hours under the normal requirement of 500 watts. This means a whole night of sleep without needing to refill the fuel. Note that the unit has a full tank capacity of 1.6 gallons.

Safety Features

Despite the high electricity production capacity of Yamaha 2400, the power is guaranteed clean, even cleaner than the power produced in commercial sites. Aside from that, you can rely on the adjustment capability of this unit because the engine speed adapts to the energy requirement of the load. You can even shut off the fuel to avoid gas deposit problems.

Buy Now: Yamaha EF2400iSHC (Check Price on Amazon)

Quality Guarantee

The advanced features of Yamaha 2400 make it a wise choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting inverter generator. Yamaha generators have been evaluated by the California Air Resources Board to have the highest durability rating and the longest power emission capacity. This particular unit of Yamaha can stand all kinds of weather and you can turn it up at a maximum speed without creating any disturbing sound.