Stanley All Weather Generator Review: Best Portable Inverter Generator

In our Stanley All Weather Generator review we gave it a top score of 97/100. In case a storm comes to your area or any other kind of catastrophe, this portable inverter generator is what you need. It is very important to be ready in terms of all the necessary items that might be needed.

Why purchase the Stanley All Weather Generator

All homeowners out there should be ready for any kind of emergency. We should be prepared with all tools, equipment, food, clothing, etc. that will surely be of big help to use whenever an emergency like this comes. One essential and very good investment is a generator, which will light up your whole place and make it seem like nothing is wrong even in the toughest times. For a very powerful, reliable and is definitely a good investment, check out the Stanley All Weather Generator. Review Score: 97/100

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Stanley All Weather Generator

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Product Description

The Stanley All Weather Generator is a commercial-duty generator that can be used in different areas regardless of the weather. The product works notwithstanding wet or dry weather conditions. Once purchase, one will notice that it includes a removable control panel that can place 15î away from the unit while leaving the unit running in a separate place. The product weighs around 235 pounds and has the following dimensions, 22 x 28.5 x 22.7 inches.

Product Features

  • Provides 6,500 watts upon starting and 5,000 watts maximum during continuous use
  • The units built in engine offers 10hp and is 270cc
  • Offers a separate removable panel with a 15î cord so that it can be placed in a dry area while the generator is running outdoor
  • Offers a patent-pending design that performs well regardless of any weather condition
  • Can be used for 24 hours @ 50% load of 12 gallons of gasoline
  • Contains a 100% copper alternator that doesnít require any maintenance
  • Has fast acting breakers in case of any changes in order to achieve greater surge protection
  • Has never-go-flat-wheels installed for good mobility
  • To protect the engine, it automatically shuts down when there is low oil
  • To decrease if not fully eliminate noise, the manufacturer installed oversized mufflers and vibration dampers
  • Has a 2 year limited warranty

Buy Now: Stanley All Weather Generator

To enjoy all these great features, one can purchase this product for a very low price. This can be considered a very good deal and the best investment you can make to ensure continuous electricity even if you are facing any kind of catastrophe. There are a lot of portable inverter generators in the market today that offers a lot of promises, but the Stanley All Weather Generator reviewed is the best compared to any one of them. You will surely enjoy this product and give you your moneys worth.