Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Inverter Generator Review

In our Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Inverter Generator Review we find that the Powerhouse PH3100Ri is the ultimate solution when you are looking for a safe and dependable alternative power supply product. It looks like there is surge demand of generators at home and at work because weather conditions can suddenly happen and sometimes, in extreme situations. It is always good to come prepared whenever there is a power outage.

Products with inverters have become the latest trend especially, when for portable generators because they are more energy-efficient compared to others. Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Inverter Generator is one product that has been making a buzz in the market not just as a back-up power supply but also as a reliable companion for outdoor activities.

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Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Generator Review

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The great thing about Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Inverter Generator is you can take it anywhere you want to go. This generator is not solely for indoor use but can also provide you with power supply whenever you plan an outdoor activity with your family and friends. It is built with swivel wheels and a padded handle for easy and convenient transport. With a maximum power output of 3100 watts, it can supply power to appliances you most needed whenever there is a long power outage like refrigerator and TV.

Reliable and Safe

It becomes a priority for customers to choose a generator is reliable and safe. It is hard to deal with electronics when you know nothing about overload, short circuit and wattage capacity. With Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Inverter Generator, you have no reason to fear since it is equipped with an automatic reset button which instantly restarts the system when the machine turns off because of overloading. It also has internal circuit breaker, fuel gauge to indicate the battery level and hour meter that monitors how long the machine is running. Its safety features are all approved and tested by CARB, EPA and CSA.

Innovative Technology

Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Inverter Generator is engineered with the latest technology in inverter generator. The power it generates is as clean as your home outlets. This kind of technology in generator system is ideal for all types of appliances and gadgets. Manufacturers have taken further steps in combining energy efficiency in using this product. You can adjust the engine speeds to save fuel. It can also be operated using its remote control that works up to 75 feet away.

Buy Now: Powerhouse PH3100Ri (Check Price on Amazon)

One major downside of purchasing this product is it is gas powered which means it can be pretty costly during hurricanes and storms. Gas can be very expensive and hard to find during these times. Gas also goes stale so it not good to store them for a long period of time. It is highly advised that once you received your product, you read the manual carefully and check the product closely for any damage. It is better to understand and learn everything there is to know about the product to avoid misusing and damaging it. Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Inverter Generator is a good investment as a long lasting generator that you can use anytime and anywhere.