Powerhouse 60376 Inverter Generator Review

In our Powerhouse 60376 Inverter Generator Review we gave it a top score of 98/100. The demand for portable inverter generators is increasing as more and more people are realizing its different wonderful functions. A generator can be of great use to any household who needs an alternate source of power, as well as numerous kinds of outdoor recreational activities that requires electricity, a construction site or any small business establishment. It is used in a lot of appliances, equipment and tools that we use everyday that is why it is very important to purchase something that is durable, powerful, consistent and most of all reliable. There are more than a hundred of manufacturers who offer this product so the question now is, what are the most important features or functions that a generator should have in order for it to be considered the best among the rest. In this article, we will take a closer look on the several features of the Powerhouse 60376 Inverter Generator and conclude if this is a good product that buyers should invest in.

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Top 3 features a portable inverter generator should have

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Product Description

The Powerhouse 60376 Inverter Generator is a lightweight, compact and very quiet portable generator. It is best used in different outdoor recreational activities that has tools and equipmentís that needs an electrical source in order to work. Upon purchase the package comes with a screwdriver, battery charge kit, oil drainpipe, spark plug wrench and oil jug. That most generators set do not offer. It has dimensions of 22 x 11 x 19 inches and weighs approximately 62 pounds. This is a great investment for a very low price.

Product Features

  • Offers up to 2,000 watts of power for any equipment, machine or appliance in any household
  • Very lightweight which is very easy to transport from one place to another
  • Users can two different engine modes
  • Constant speed- it is best suggested for equipmentís that demands high-draw and rapid-cycling power as it maintains high engine rpm
  • Economy mode- helps reduce the use of fuel and minimizes noise. In this mode the engine maintains engine rpm on the right amount or the exact requirement of the gadgets plugged in it
  • The engine automatically shuts down when oil is in a low level
  • A small indicator lights up to warn user if the circuit is overload
  • Uses unleaded gasoline to power the unit
  • Contains a 4 stroke engine
  • Operates very quietly
  • Suitable for any power sensitive machine or devices

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The top 3 functions that any portable inverter generator should have are the following; first it should serve its purpose and is very reliable. Aside from it providing the power needed by different items, it should be able to sustain good performance all throughout its use. Secondly, there should be safety features in order to protect both users and the unit. Lastly, it should operate quietly so as not to add any more noise pollution. All these three you can find in this inverter generator. Conclusion from our Powerhouse 60376 Inverter Generator Review: this is a good candidate as one of the best portable generators in the market.