Lifan Energy Storm ESI 3600iER Portable Inverter Generator Review

From our Lifan Energy Storm ESI 3600iER Portable Inverter Generator review we found much to like in this portable inverter generator. Today, hundreds of brands offer different kinds of portable inverter generators that purchasing one have become harder than it used to.

Just like buying any other thing, there are several factors that one needs to consider in order to choose the best option that will be worth the hard earned money you are about to spend. A portable inverter generator can be considered a big yet very good investment most especially for all homeowners out there. If you are looking for one that will definitely give your moneyís worth, then I suggest that you look into any of Lifan Power USAís EnergyStorm Digital Inverter Generator series. Iíve read countless product reviews about their generators but what interested me the most is the Lifan Energy Strom ESI 3600iER Portable Inverter Generator. Review Score: 98/100

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8 features that make the Lifan power inverter generator stand out

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Product Description

The Lifan Energy Storm ESI 3600iER Portable Inverter is one of the most saleable models in the EnergyStorm Digital Inverter Generator series. Unlike other generators, the power it makes is generated from microprocessor filtering which eventually creates the cleanest kind of power available. The equipment itself has the following dimensions, 26 x 20x 22 inches and weighs approximately 121 pounds. Aside from household appliances, this product is best used for different recreational activities such as camping, tailgating and using the RV. One can get hold of this wonderful product for only $1,249.00

Product Features

  • Uses microprocessor filters in order to create the cleanest power possible
  • Offers 3500 Watts for AC output usage and 3300 Watts rated for AC output
  • Is very fuel efficient using only 3.5 gallons of gasoline in 7 hours at 50% load
  • Houses an auto throttle feature or what others call power on demand
  • Uses a 177CC OHV fuel powered engine that has 4-strokes (Also includes battery)
  • The machine is very power sensitive which makes very safe to use
  • Operates very quietly ñ 57db/ decibels at 23 feet
  • Offers different options in producing power, 120V 20amp, 3 prong NEMA L5-30R twist lock 30amp AC, 120/8.3amp DC, or 13,500 BTU RV AC
  • Offers a 3 year residential and a 1 year commercial use limited warranty
  • Has exceptional customer service who will assist you in all of your needs.

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Whatever your purpose may be, it is very important that you find most if not all of the features discussed above in order you to consider that the portable inverter generator you are purchasing is good. Generators have different uses. It can be for your appliances or devices at home, for your office in case there is brownout, for outdoor activities or emergency cases when there is shortage of electricity provided.
It may cost a little higher compared to the other ones sold in the market. However, you can be assured of superior quality, cost-efficient and product assistance from this very popular brand.

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