Hyundai HY2000si Portable Inverter Generator Review

Our Hyundai HY2000si Portable Inverter Generator Review score: 98/100. It’s not easy to pick the right generator for your family, business or outdoor adventures. In fact, there are several factors to consider before spending your hard-earned money on a generator. Number one on the list is the output capacity because generators are supposed to provide your needs for electricity should there be an unexpected outage or you need to go to a place where electricity is not readily available. Inverter generators are always a good choice because they release clean voltage and pure sine wave current.

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Hyundai HY2000si: Affordable inverter generator with high power output

The most popular brands that are competing in the market are Yamaha and Honda. But Korean company Hyundai is now joining the competition, expanding the options of buyers when it comes to generators. Hyundai is a trusted brand when it comes to motor vehicles. What stops you from trying their generators? In fact, Hyundai is offering a cheap inverter generator with a competitive current output.

Voltage Supply and Quality

This portable inverter generator has a peak power of 2200 watts! The running AC output is 2000 watts. It can run for up to five and a half hours at a 50 per cent load. Although it’s not something that beats the ten to twelve-hour running time of units under other brands, the price of Hyundai HY2000si is something Honda and Yamaha cannot compete with. Never make the wrong impression that this Hyundai inverter generator sacrifices the quality of its voltage for a cheap price. HY2000si provides your sensitive electronic appliances like computers and radios with a clean current that wouldn’t pose any risk of damage. In comparison to Honda and Yamaha models that are more expensive, the engine displacement inside Hyundai HY2000si is at 125cc while Honda has 99cc and Yamaha has 79 cc.

Safety Features

It’s impressive that this low-cost, high power Hyundai unit is built-in with a circuit breaker system that protects the device from possible overload. It eliminates the danger of damaging your appliances when the load goes unmonitored. There’s also an indicator when the oil is already low so with just a glance, you’ll know when you need a refill. There’s also an option to put it on an Eco mode setting where the engine function will drop when the load is low.

Weight to Power Ratio

The Hyundai HY2000si weighs around 70 pounds. Although its weight sound a lot for you to carry, it is still very easy to carry around on your camping trips or other outdoor events with your family. After all, what’s a 20 pound difference in weight compared to more expensive inverter generators made by Honda and Yamaha that can only give you 1600 maximum AC output? The Hyundai HY2000si definitely gives you a better weight to performance ratio than other brands out in the market right now.

Buy Now: Hyundai HY2000si (Check Price on Amazon)

Noise Level, Portability

The noise level produced by Hyundai HY2000si may be a bit higher at 65 decibels than high-end Yamaha and Honda models. Units under the other brands produce 60 decibels or even lower but note that these generators only produce around 1600 watts of electricity. Several reviews of Hyundai HY2000si actually talk about the silent performance of this device so we can even say that the noise level declaration is overstated.