Generac Guardian Series 5887 Standby Generator Review

Our takeaway from our Generac Guardian Series 5887 20,000 Watt Standby Generator review: this is the ultimate solution if you have been looking for a reliable back-up power supply. These days, not only commercial establishments are gearing up their system with generators. Even households have seen the importance of having a trusted and efficient standby generator during power outage.

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People have depended on electricity over the years from doing household chores to working and without it, people’s lives change dramatically and significantly even just for a short period of time. This is the reason why many households have included generators like Generac Guardian Series 5887 20,000 Watt Standby Generator as a must-have machine in their abodes.

Automatic Operation

This hands-free operating machine kicks in your power automatically right after the loss of power. You do not have to run outside or to your garage or down to your basement to manually turn the generator on. Once it is connected to your electrical system, it powers up your house including major appliances. You would barely notice that there is a loss of power. The Generac Guardian Series 5887 is the perfect generator to have especially, when you often travel for days and there is a sudden power outage.

High Performance Design

The Generac Guardian Series 5887 is created for long-lasting use. It is designed to run and power heavy loaded appliances like refrigerator and air conditioning units. Its engine proves to be sturdier and more efficient than any other generators’ engines. It is built to withstand longer hours of running without overheating because of its heat reduction technology.

Superior Technology

Generac’s standby generators are known to be equipped with advanced and superior technology. With its True Power technology, you are ensured that nothing would go wrong with your laptops and HVAC equipments when there is a sudden change of electrical load. Its Quiet Test technology provides you with a noiseless operation. Its Nexus’ controller allows you to have an easy time monitoring the product’s status and condition.

Durable and Long-lasting product

Generac Guardian Series 5887 20,000 Watt Standby Generator is enclosed with an aluminum frame which is corrosion-resistant and is protected with RhinoCoat system. This binds the paint to the metal surface to make it more durable in bearing the ever-changing weather condition and temperature.

Buy Now: Generac Guardian Series 5887 (Check Price on Amazon)

Its hefty price tag is one major drawback most customers have but this does not stop other people from buying it since it receives good reviews and feedbacks from satisfied customers. if you have this product, you need to make sure that it does its weekly ‘exercise’ for a continuous and more efficient operation. Just like with other generators, automatic or portable, there is a need to regularly check and maintain the machine. Every parts and functions should be closely monitored to avoid any possible damage or break down during power outage.

With installation it is not difficult and you can usually have a technician do the work for you.