Generac Guardian Series 5871 10,000 Watt Standby Generator Review

Generac Guardian Series 5871 10,000 Watt Standby Generator Review score: 99/100. If you are thinking of buying a generator then you better choose the Generac Guardian Series 5871. With so many generators sold in the market today, choosing just one could be a headache. Spare yourself from the stress and hassles in searching for the right one because this product has all your major concerns answered. This is an ideal generator for those who instantly want a back-up power whenever the power is out.

Automatic generators are the newest installment of many manufacturers. The Generac Guardian Series 5871 is one of the most sought-after products because it is not too expensive and is reliable and efficient, not to mention it comes from a world-leading brand of generators.

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Automatic Operation

The great thing about this Generac Standby Generator is it automatically backs your power supply during power loss. Generators with manual start-ups could become a struggle during the night without lights and you need run outside or down to your basement. This is also ideal when you are away for days and there is a sudden power loss. This prevents food spoilage and leaving your house sitting in the dark.

Easy Installation

Installation can be pretty tough even with professional technicians. Since the Guardian Series 5871 is already pre-wired and packed with all the necessary electric gears, all you need to do is connect it to your main system. Installation should be done by certified technicians since there are local codes and requirements to be met especially, with the fuel.

Superior Technology

Generac Guardian Series 5871 10,000 Watt Standby Generator is equipped with the latest and sophisticated technology for generators. We gave it high marks in our reviews partly for this reason. Its True Power technology provides continuous and safe power even for laptops and HVAC equipments. Its galvanized steel enclosure is protected with RhinoCoat system which makes it durable eben under extreme weather conditions.

Practical Design

The Generac Standby Generator is designed for long lasting use and practicality. Its engine performs efficiently even when set to different settings constantly. It is also equip with easy-to-read monitor that indicates the status of the product. It may be big and heavy but its design is sleek and very clean.

Buy Now: Generac Guardian Series 5871 (Check Price on Amazon)

Customers are in awed with this product but they think twice in purchasing it because of its price. No matter how great the product is, but when it comes to a hefty price many would take steps backward. Also, you need to understand the importance of setting it up to do its regular ‘exercise’ so that it could function smoothly and efficiently. Its maintenance is usually done after two years or 200 hours of use and because it is a long span of time, many owners tend to forget it. Similar with other automatic generators, the 5871 10,000 Watt Standby Generator needs to be checked, maintained and inspected regularly to eliminate possible malfunction during power outage.