Generac 5818 EcoGen Series Standby Generator Review

Generac 5818 EcoGen Series 6,000 Watt Standby Generator review score: 99/100. This is another one of a kind installment of the world’s leading generator brand. Generators are smart inventions alone but when manufacturers revolutionize the things they can do they become even better and more useful. This product levels up the power generators could do anywhere you are. You do not have to worry about additional cost like fuel just to have a back-up power supply.

Generac 5818 EcoGen Series 6,000 Watt Standby Generator is the first one of its kind especially, when it comes to alternative energy applications. Many would agree that this product is the answer to those people who are living off the grid for years. This promotes an innovative way to fuel standby generators.

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Ideal for Off-grid Living

This is the perfect solution for those who choose to live peacefully in rural areas. If you have been living dependently through alternative power source like the sun and needs a back-up power supply during rainy days, this product is highly recommended. The Generac 5818 provides you a continuous usage of your alternative power. It could also be used through an inverter and a battery storage system.

Efficient Performance

Usually standby generators require maintenance after two years or 200 hours of use but with Generac 5818 EcoGen Series 6,000 Watt Standby Generator you could use it p to 500 hours. When fueled by propane, it improves its efficiency, increases the engine’s life and emits less carbon monoxide.

Easy Monitoring

Its digital control allows you to see the status of the product. It even records common issues you encounter with the Generac 5818 for future reference. You could set its switch option to automatic, manual or off mode for its battery charging setting. This option lets you decide on when to charge the battery.

Durable Design

The Generac 5818 EcoGen Series 6,000 Watt Standby Generator is built to withstand external forces of nature. It undergoes RhinoCoat system which is the process of strongly binding the paint to the metal surface for a more protected enclosure.

Longer Warranty

In order to make the Generac 5818 a popular choice for people living off-grid, the manufacturer offers a three-year or 2,000 hour warranty if used in an alternative energy application.

Buy Now: Generac 5818 (Check Price on Amazon)

This is such a unique and innovative kind of generator. Its price could be a major disadvantage. Many people are thrilled with this product – this is an excellent one-time investment.

In spite of its creative and energy-efficient approach, there are some people who are living off-grid who are hesitant in purchasing back-up generators because this may require regular maintenance or buying broken parts. This machine operates quietly which is a major advantage but others are worried on what they would do if it suddenly breaks down and they are far from the city. But for those who have been waiting for this kind of product and see the importance of having back-up power supply, do not wait any further to get this standby generator.