Champion Power Equipment 75531i Inverter Generator Review

We loved this from our Champion Power Equipment 75531i Inverter Generator Review – in our tests we found that this inverter generator can can run my small office for straight eight hours.

When you’re starting a business, you have to maintain at least a small office with a few computers. These computers are the lifeblood of the business so when power outage hits you, the whole operations will be hampered and it could mean losing hundreds of dollars. This is the reason why I decided to purchase generators. I don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars if that’s what it takes to have a smooth-flowing business operation.

I’ve bought four generators for the last two years. I sold the first one because it’s too noisy it gave me a hard time communicating with my employees. It lasted only 6 months in the office then I sold it. That’s what I got from choosing a low-cost generator. Now, I’m using an amazing inverter generator unit that I think I’m keeping for a very long time. It’s the Champion generator No. 75531i.

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Champion Power Equipment 75531i Inverter Generator Photos

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Engine and Running Time

This powerful device serves as a quiet power source in my office. It uses a 177cc OHV engine that can be switched to economy mode to save up fuel. With this feature, the engine automatically slows down whenever the load decreases. Champion 75531i runs for straight eight hours at 1.59 gal of fuel at 25% load capacity. Even when the power outage lasts the whole day, I can still run my office during the operating hours.

Power Supply and Weight

I only needed one for my small office because it provides superb output of 2800 to 3100 watts. That’s more than what my office requires. The main electrical devices we use are computers and air conditioner so you could just imagine how able this inverter generator is to pump up our equipment. We don’t need to worry about any damage that Champion 75531i may cause to our electricity-sensitive computers because it uses a technology that produces only pure sine wave current. We’re assured of a safe and clean power supply. There’s also nothing to complain about the power to weight ratio of the device because it’s only 80 lbs. Although the weight is comparably higher than other inverter generators, it’s still justified considering the power supply it can provide.

Over-all Design

Coming from an American company, Champion 75531i has a very pleasing physical design that also affords convenience for every user. The portability is enhanced by the built-in wheels and the device’s foldable handle. It appears like a toy car truck with its relaxed-looking yellow and black outer colours with the dimensions 24.4 x 14.3 x 18.3 (L x W x H). The control panel is very simple with all the buttons and switches together in one side of the device.


Your safety is also guaranteed with the automatic overload protection feature of Champion 75531i. You will be informed if the device nearly reaches its maximum load so you can reduce right away. The oil warning light is also a useful indicator that prevents any unexpected oil runout.

Noise Level

The noise level of Champion 75531i is probably one of the most impressive features of the device. Considering its 2800 watts rated output, it only creates 58 decibels of sound. That’s a lot quieter than inverter generators creating noise of up to 65 decibels.

Buy Now: Champion Power Equipment No. 75531i (Check Price on Amazon)

In conclusion, the Champion Power Equipment 75531i earns top score in our portable inverter generator review and for many good reasons.