Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator Review

Our Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator review gave it at a top score of 98/100. If you are looking for a very powerful generator than can run for hours and has a high wattage capacity then the Champion 46533 is made for you. No matter how advanced the technology is now, the only thing that distracts its flow is power failure. Power failure can be caused due to a bad weather or maintenance. It may not be a welcome scenario but it is something that is inevitable.

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Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator is the ultimate answer when strong storms and hurricanes frequent your place. This heavy duty and power packed generator helps you create a comfortable and convenient atmosphere even in the midst of a power outage.

Ideal for Outdoor Activities

Champion is the ideal partner to accommodate your needs at home or your outdoor activities. Unlike other generators, it is not as heavy and bulky. It is can be stored conveniently in your garage or spare bedroom or tuck it in easily in the corner of your vehicle when you are out camping, trekking or hunting. You are literally bringing the comfort of your own home to outdoors with Champion Power.

Efficient and Powerful

True that most generators are efficient and powerful but what makes Champion 46533 Portable Generator different from others is its capacity to run your big appliances all at the same time from your TV to refrigerator to computers to air conditioning units. It is even designed to operate two power tools without falter. When fully loaded, it runs up to 12 hours with 50% load. It has a 120-V outlet, 120-V twistlock receptacle and RC receptacle.

CARB Compliant Generators

Many manufacturers have become conscious on how their products affect the environment. The Champion Portable Generator is CARB compliant which means that this product is not a contributing factor of air pollution. Since this machine has passed the standard of CARB, it does not emit noxious gases that can be harmful to your family.

Convenient and Safe

This Portable Generator is convenient and safe. It is mandatory that you keep an eye on its oil level and changed it so that the generator can function well and efficiently. It has an OHV engine which monitors the level of the oil. It is also designed with a voltmeter and overload protection. Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator is easy to clean and maintain and with its cast iron steel frame, this will surely outlast other generators.

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Almost all cities and towns now experienced the harsh blows of calamities and it is necessary to prepare back-up power supply. Many customers would find it hard to believe that this is a good product because it is cheaper compared to other generators. Just like with other generators, its downside is its noise level. Others may find the noise tolerable but others find it so annoying. Considering the price and its features, the Champion Power 46533 is definitely a good buy.